Most companies have an informal contact centre and just don’t realise it.

If you have 5 employees or more, who regularly take or make calls, or, to be totally correct, "interact" with your customers, then you do have an informal contact centre.

Today, more than ever, businesses have to react to their customers quickly and efficiently to maintain their "brand", position and retain client loyalty.

Organisations, across a broad range of industries, are now putting customer contact at the top of their priority list.

The flexibility of a cloud-based contact centre enables companies to assemble a diverse team of agents anywhere in the world.

Integrating hosted call centre software, business phone systems, web chat, social media management and CRM creates a powerful engine that drives sales and customer satisfaction.

In-bound communications can be quickly and easily routed to the agent who is best skilled to answer queries, as well as having access to each and every customer’s case history automatically on screen.

Providing agents with access to the tools they need, enables them to deliver consistent, positive customer interactions and helps to successfully achieve first call resolution.

In addition, a Cloud Contact Centre solution helps ensure business continuity, as agents can work anywhere with an internet connection.