As Unified Communications experts and due to our extensive background in the technology industry, we have built a network of quality trusted partners which complement our 8x8 Cloud Communications offering.

IT Solutions & Services Providers

Whether it’s email, CRM, accounts systems, bespoke applications or simply accessing and sharing data, there are very few business functions that don’t rely heavily on IT systems.

This means that the reliably, flexibility and scalability of IT systems is more important than ever before.

Business Mobile Phone Providers

Long gone are the days when a mobile phone was simply a device to just make and receive calls, these days they are a business critical tool, effectively your mobile office.

We work with industry leading carriers, ensuring we can offer your business the right devices, on the right tariff and on the right network for your specific requirements.

Broadband & Connectivity

As a cutting edge communications business, connectivity is absolutely critical, as if you don’t have the right bandwidth or a reliable internet connection, then any Cloud offering be it VOIP, Hosted Phone or IT Systems are just not a viable options.

We have handpicked industry leading partners, to ensure the solutions we recommend deliver optimal performance and value for our clients.